Yvonne Toms

Yvonne has been practicing yoga for 20 years, and a holistic therapist for 18 years. Specialising in Ayurveda, an ancient philosophy lifestyle combining yoga/meditation, massage, diet/nutrition, detox and spiritual awareness. Working with our unique energies we can create a preventative system towards symptoms on a physical or emotional level.

Yvonne Toms

Core strength vinyasa yoga rebounds the energy from the ground up through soft tissues of the body and flows down through our energy channels, building inner strength and improving flexibility. 

Connecting to our core, your inner golden flame, supporting and strengthening all muscles closest to the spine, then expanding to outer global muscles. 

Combination of flow, yin (stretch and fascia release) stillness, meditation and breath. 

Working with the energies of the season bringing calmness, grounding, rejuvenation, nurturing and centre.

Mondays 6-7.15pm Hartlebury Parish Hall

Contact Yvonne
 07929 801856