The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen
A new version by Gill and Rick Juckes who have for the last 30 years been writing scripts and songs for Theatre, BBC Radio and BBC and ITV Television.

When Kai is really rude to the Snow Queen (someone you really don’t want to mess with) not only does she produce the biggest snow and ice storm that the village has ever seen, she snatches Kai away from his best friend Gerda to take him to her ice palace and teach him a proper lesson.

Gerda is distraught and against everyone’s advice sets out to rescue Kai.

The Snow Queen is determined that Gerda will not find the Ice Palace but Gerda is helped by a team of animals and birds including quarrelsome crows, a cowardly reindeer, dogs, squirrels and hedgehogs.

Will Gerda manage to reach the Ice Palace? And if she finds it, will she be strong enough to battle against the power of the Snow Queen and save Kai’s life?

Songs, laughs, dancing and bravery all await!